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Springtime at Coon River 2003
Winter at Coon River 2002
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Bagger at 20 weeks.  We couldn't afford the MGM lion, so Coon River's Bagger Vance will have to do our roaring for us!  Rette looks on in reverence and awe!
Thank you from Rette, Jerry (me), Bagger and all our amazing Gentle Giants, our Coon River Maine Coon Cats and Kittens, for spending some time with us.  We really appreciate your visit and hope to hear from you soon.
    Coon River Maine Coon Cats and Kittens is located in the lakes area of Nineveh, Indiana, about 40 miles southwest of Indianapolis in Beautiful Brown County.  We are within reasonable driving distance of most major cities in the midwest.

Our Associate Breeder, Mid-Illini Maine Coon Kittens is located in Lewistown in West-Central Illinois.
We are very near Nashville, Indiana, in Brown County, a beautiful tourist area, and there is a very large outlet mall nearby in Edinburgh, Indiana to help the time pass by in a leisurely fashion.

Air shipping of kittens can be easily arranged, in most cases, to the Continental United States.  Shipping via air is dependant on expected weather conditions and subject to federal and airline shipping regulations.

At this time, we will not ship overseas or to Alaska or Hawaii since the transit time for our kittens  to those places is much too long and stressful for them, not to mention our anxiety at waiting to hear from our adoptive families that our kids got there all safe and sound!
Estimated driving times, and considering that you hopefully don't drive as fast as Tony Stewart or Michael Andretti , we are approximately:

50 minutes from Indianapolis
2 hours from Louisville
2 hours from Cincinnati
4 hours from Chicago
5 hours from St Louis
5 1/2 hours from Detroit
"25 miles from home, girl, my feet are hurting mighty bad..."
(For all you oldies lovers who remember Edwin Starr)

Winter again at Coon River, this time in 2003
Visitors to Coon River, every day, every year
Fall at Coon River 2002
    Coon River is a small Coonery (we hate the word "cattery," it sounds like a factory of some kind,) breeding Maine Coon Kittens exclusively for placement with loving families and individuals. 
     We have very few groups of kittens each year.  We don't take our females, every time they come in season, select a male and shut them together in a room or a big cage until the girls become impregnated.  We refuse to be a "cat factory." 
     If one of our girls and one of our boys decide to get together for some "lovin," wonderful.  If not, thats wonderful too.  Our boys and girls have run of the house, our kittens are raised underfoot and handled from the moment they are born. 

     None of our adults, nor our newborn kittens, ever see the inside of a cage other than a carrier to go to the Vet.  Our adults are our pets and our family, they are not breeding machines.  Our newborn kittens are our "grandkids." who are with us all too short a time until they come to your home.
    After you adopt a kitten from us, we hope you'll e-mail or snail mail pictures to us often so we can keep up with how our babies are doing as they travel thru life with you and yours.  We love to hear or read the stories of all the wild, wonderful and funny things they've done.  If Rette and I happen to be in your area, we'd love to stop by and see our "grandkids," if you'll allow it.

     If, for whatever reason, you're unable to keep your Maine Coon, even as a well-aged adult, keep this in mind:  By contract, your pet is not to be sold or transferred to anyone without the express written consent of Coon River.  Your pet can never be  placed in a shelter or a pet rescue facility, or simply turned loose to fend for itself under any circumstance.  In those cases, he or she must be returned to Coon River. 

     We will not re-sell any pet returned to us nor will we compensate you for the cat/kitten.  Neither would a shelter.  It will be given a home with us for the rest of it's natural life, being well taken care of and loved and that is compensation enough.
Coon River's Bagger Vance at 10 weeks
    Coon River firmly believes in the "save a paw, don't declaw," movement.  Also by contract is a stipulation that your Maine Coon Kitten is not to be declawed, ever. 
     The pain cats and kittens suffer during and after the procedure, the inability of a cat to do what comes naturally, scratch, and the ultimate tampering with the feline natural state are things most well-informed cat lovers simply do not believe in.  There are areas of our country, and others, that have passed laws outlawing cat declaw procedures.  Those are smarter people than Rette and I, and there ultimately must be a very good reason. 
     Having said that, cats will scratch and claw things.  Purchasing one or two very nice sissal rope scratching posts and some patient reward-type training will keep your furniture scratch free and your cat happy and painless. 
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A question we often get is "What do you feed those beasts?"  Here's the answer:
Royal Canin is the best feline food we've ever found and fed and we've used them all at one time or another.  At weaning and thru their first year, the babies are fed Royal Canin Feline Nutrition-Kitten.

At about 1 year, they are fed Royal Canin Maine Coon 31, formulated especially for those Gentle GIant Maine Coon adults.  They'll be fed this ultra-premium food for as long as they live and with Royal Canin, it's likely to be a good, long life.

We recommend and feed Royal Canin exclusively.  Is it more expensive than most other cat foods on the market?  You betcha!  Nothing, however, is too good for our Maine Coons.. They get the best there is, whether it's food, toys, medical care, broasted chicken, you name it.  Click on the bag to visit Royal Canin's website and find out why we think it is, simply stated, the best food money can buy!

Trust us on this, if you feed Royal Canin, you are feeding the best there is and your kitten will thrive!